Cap2loc is a rental company specialized in lightweight frame system for international exhibitions, stands & events.
Our high-end frame system allows a quick, efficient and ecological installation of every project.
• User - friendly and lightweight designs, the possibilities are endless.
• Straight walls & curved walls.
• Frames holding: panels, textile, and many more… Panels are mounted onto the frames with velcro tape and textile thanks to the convenient slot affixing of canvas.
• Thin sheet material (3 mm), light and compact.
• Up to 6000 linear meters.
• Solutions: doors, windows, displays, glass panels, panels for plasma screen, lights, LED solutions, floor…
• Self-support system, no additional support structure required.
• Structure is not seen, profiles are rendered invisible, meticulously finished.
• Multifunctional thanks to modular frame dimensions.
• Solid, modular system with a natural look with an elegant functional and sustainable result.
• Easy to replace.
• Easy-to-manage material with modular dimensions.

CAP2LOC has eco-friendly philosophy, small environmental footprint by providing: lightweight frame system, perfectly reusable panels, entirely reusable, long lifespan, well thought-out, reduced logistics footprint, sustainable packing methods, no excess waste, products are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle.